Central Otago Tours & Wildflower Walks
Walking and four-wheel-drive tours in the alpine and lowland regions of Central Otago, South Island, New Zealand.

Since 1991, we have specialised in taking out small groups conducting professional guided tours & walks to the Otago's goldfields and towns, arranging wildflower walks, showing the regions geology and landscape, walks along the Otago Central Rail Trail and Roxburgh Gorge tracks and experiencing the four distinct Central Otago seasons. Now today, most of our work is wildflower and heritage research, fieldwork outings and building up an extensive photo digital gallery of the Central Otago region.
alpine herb field, Old Man Range
We are based in the heart of Central Otago at Alexandra,  one hour's drive from Queenstown and two hour's drive from Dunedin Airport. 

For more information contact John Douglas email jdouglas.alx@xtra.co.nz

John Douglas, Safari Excursions, 41 Glencarron Street  
Alexandra, Central Otago,
Phone 0064 3 (area code) 448 7474  
email: jdouglas.alx@xtra.co.nz 

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